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Featuring a fleet of mobile medical units, MobileMD is a new and innovative entity that partners with employers, corporations, municipalities, community-based organizations, and union leadership to deliver onsite, targeted health services on a scheduled basis for employees, union membership, or local constituency, including communities in need. MobileMD providers make accessing specific healthcare services or screenings efficient and convenient for targeted patient groups.

Targeted patient groups can include employees, union members, or a local community that can benefit from the availability of a particular medical service. Hosting partners can select services from myriad general or specialty medical disciplines, including wellness screening, physical exams, diagnostic testing, lab work, and a host of other services. MobileMD providers accept all insurances.

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Wayne Joseph, CEO

Our Leadership

A committed public sector labor leader, MobileMD CEO Wayne Joseph serves 1,000 active and retired members of the Bridge and Tunnel Officers Benevolent Association. Elected in 2011, Mr. Joseph’s service as president is a culmination of the successful career spanning nearly 30 years as a Bridge and Tunnel Officer. His tireless dedication to the needs of his membership, coupled with proficiency at collaboration and productive relationship-building, led to his appointment in 2020 as Co-Chair of the NYS Public Employees Conference, an organization representing the needs of members from more than 80 public sector unions across New York State.

Mr. Joseph believes that creating opportunities to overcome health service access barriers can vastly improve health status for all. As a staunch advocate for quality health and social services for minorities, and a proud black American, Mr. Joseph is keenly aware of the healthcare disparities experienced by minority groups. Through MobileMD, he is committed to creating access opportunity for everyone, including medically disenfranchised communities and neighborhoods in New York State and across the country.

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