Health Services Made Easy and Convenient

Your employer or local organization has worked with us to schedule days to offer particular health screenings or services. They will notify you when these days are and the services to be provided. You can also get this information by checking our online schedule and provider information on our website. If you are interested in receiving these services, book an appointment online. If you have questions, you can speak with your employer, union leaders, contact the provider’s office directly, or contact MobileMD.

Bringing our services to you means you don’t waste valuable personal time traveling to outside medical facilities, with long waits once you get there.

MobileMD providers accept all forms of insurance.

Following your appointment with MobileMD, our providers contact you by phone to discuss testing results and to make any referrals for further testing or follow up if needed. Your health information is fully protected. And the providers share your information with nobody but you, unless you direct them to do so.

Early diagnosis and treatment is key to prevention or management of many disease conditions, especially chronic illnesses like diabetes or heart disease. The ease and convenience of onsite health services can help you accomplish this.


Is there a fee to utilize MobileMD services?

No. MobileMD providers accept all insurances

How will I know when MobileMD will be at my workplace?

Click on our Monthly Schedule to see upcoming MobileMD visits, or ask your employer. 

How will I know what services will be available that day?

Services to be provided during any given visit are listed in the Monthly Schedule.

Will you send test results to my PCP?

After discussing test results with you, MobileMD providers will share results with whomever you direct them to.

What if I have questions for my MobileMD provider following the appointment?

Following your appointment, you can contact your provider directly with any questions or to schedule additional appointments at the provider’s main offices.

Can my employer access my MobileMD health results?

Your health records are fully protected. No one, including your employer can see your health information unless you direct your provider to release it.

Do you notify my employer that I have an appointment with MobileMD?

We do not inform your employer about your appointment.

Can I see my MobileMD provider for follow up visits at the office, if I choose to?

Yes, if you choose, you are welcome to continue receiving services from your MobileMD provider. 

Do you have more questions about MobileMD?

Contact us today for more information